Newborn Adoption Doulas

supporting birth mothers and adopting families

Kate Newland | Sarah Nurit Popivker

on November 19, 2011

Sarah and I work together as partners. We saw a lack of this service in our area, and truly believe that not only do the birth mothers need support, but the adoptive and surrogate families as well. We have structured support to meet those very special needs for both sides, with compassion and no judgement. We also believe that adoptive families and surrogate families are special and deserve the same caring as the birth mother – with no judgement (whether they have fertility issues, are LGBT, or any other reason) Our approach is to evaluate the needs of each family and support them through this wonderful time for all involved: the birth mothers who are gifting a deserving family either through adoption or surrogacy, and the family who is being created with the addition of a new baby. We are fully aware that these situations are emotionally laden and want to support the mothers, and new families emotionally and well as physically. Our goal is that all parties can feel supported, and confident in their decisions regarding their birth.




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